Oliv is a range of unique jewelry designed and handcrafted by Paola Vaz.


Each piece is created using recycled metals and ethically and sustainable sourced materials such as 925 recycled silver and mostly Raw Stones.

All Oliv creations are bespoke, every ring, bracelet, necklace and earring hand sawn, soldered, filed and polished specifically for the beholder.




"Each piece is handcrafted one by one. 

We love doing it for the process involved and that's what inspires us to create something special and meaningful for each customer..." 

- Paola Vaz

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This new and exciting project brings personality and meaning to your next jewelry piece.

Choose from a variety of Stones, add elements and your initials on it.

Designed By Us,

Inspired on You!



For custom made pieces, contact the artisan
What is your dream piece?

Bruna & Gabriel

Our wedding bands have arrived filled of love and with a handwritten letter. We are completely in Love!

Sydney, Australia

Marta Vaquer

I usually get headaches when I wear my sunnies for too long. The day I came across Oliv Atelie's Straps, it just made my life so much easier! Plus, being comfy and always with style!

Mallorca, Spain

Paloma Bianchi

Took me some time to research the meaning of a stone that would symbolize something so special to me and a few days ago Oliv Atelie came up with this beautiful ring that was made the night before and I knew that was mine.

A mix of Amethyst and Pyrite stones that reminds me of my family and brings wealth, prosperity and new opportunities. Thanks Paola for creating my perfect crystal match Ring.

Sydney, Australia

Marina Toscano

So much love for your fondness and art talent! 

Sydney, Australia


Sydney, NSW Australia

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All rights reserved 

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