was born in Sydney's Eastern Beaches by the creative, Paola Vaz, who from a really young age has always had a passion for the industry in which she has been developing skills since surrounded by her inspirations, culture and landscapes.
With the changes happening in the retail industry, we felt the urge to do more for our community.
By creating a CURATED section in our business, we get to support emerging artisans and likeminded businesses, sharing their passions and ethical products with you.

Brands that inspire us to continue in this journey and a consistent reminder of our values and aspirations.

OLIV's jewellery is imagined, designed and handmade by Paola in her in house studio located in Sydney.

All pieces are imagined, designed and created using ethical and sustainable materials such as recycled Silver and Gold and ethically sourced stones.

Concept & Style

Having always been drawn to artesanal jewellery and the creation of wearable art, when I realised silversmithing could be my real job, the feeling of being on the tools and get my hands dirty, felt like heaven.

Oliv, comes from my family name and is a reminder of home and where all have began.

Based on my past experiences and trips, the jewellery I create does not follow the conventional and standard techniques, privileging peculiarity over tradition, beauty over conformity. Every piece is created for the wearer, bespoke and unique.


Every piece is created by hand, from sawing, and sanding to buffing and soldering. Every jewel is created according to the unique interaction between colour and texture, contour and shape. 

The metals used are recycled and of Australian origin. The stones were selected carefully with knowledge of sourcing and ethical production in Australia and any other countries I visit and bring a piece of it with me to share with you.