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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

We think it is time to present the creative mind behind @oliv_atelie.

Paola Vaz is originally from Brazil and has been living in Sydney, Australia for 5 years. She has always been passionate about anything creative and since a little girl used to make beading jewellery and sell at school to her girlfriends. Since living in the chaos of a Different country and culture, she found the necessity to go back to her roots and found herself making handmade dreamcatchers with macrame detailing and recycled materials.

Living so far away from home, somehow she felt the necessity of being closer to what made her who she became. So Oliv Atelie was born.

Oliv is an abreviation of her last name, however more than that, it is a reminder of love, of her past, present and future.

We believe in creating a lifestyle, We love seeing inspiring women and men like the ones surrounding us getting amongst and creating their own lifestyle and Dreams.

We handcraft Jewellery and accessories, bringing some kind of strength and empowering people with our unique pieces.

Create, Inspire, Rock it!

Oliv Atelie

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