Fairy Bower Necklace is a special statement piece. It's hancrafted in recycled Silver and displays a Clear quartz stone.

The bazel used to be a tooth mold back in the day. It was passed to the Atelier so we could recreate and give life to an unused material. It makes these necklace even more special knowing that it's an one of a kind jewelry.


Clear Quartz are the most powerful healing stone. It amplifies any energy or intention but also protects you from negativity. It brings all the positive energies you need for your day.


It comes with a jewelry cotton bag handmade in Asia and handstamped in the atelier.

Note that all our jewelry is hancrafted and all stones comes in different shapes and sizes so not one piece will look the same which makes yours so special.


Zodic Sign: All

Birthstone: April

Planet: Sun

Element: Earth, Fire, Air, Water

Chakra: Crown

Fairy Bower Necklace

SKU: 10039


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