Ocean Jasper Circle Necklace is a completely unique statement piece displaying an Ocean Jasper stone. It's handcrafted in recycled 925 Sterling Silver and oxidised for a rustic look.


Ocean Jasper are excellent healing stones that encourage a feeling of joy and elevated spirits! These crystals aid you to communicate more positively and allow loving feelings to be expressed in what you say. Working through your solar plexus chakra, they help you to enhance your personal power.


It also comes with a Cotton bag handmade in Asia and stamped at the atelier.


Note all Oliv pieces are handmade if it's out of stock please email us with the style and we will produce one specially for you.


Zodiac Sign: Aries

Ocean Jasper to sooth some of Aries' negative qualities, such as impatience, a hot temper, moodiness, and impulsivity.

Ocean Jasper Circle Necklace

SKU: 10026


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