The Ion Ring is a delicate piece that is also adjustable!

It was handcrafted to bring joy and cleanse all that is negative with the combination of two special stones.

A Rainbow Hematite and a Clear Quartz raw stones are the perfect pair for a joyful and bright journey.

Rainbow Hematite 
• Healing and Grounding stone
• Dissipate negative energy and create space for joy
• Calming stone that supports self-stem and stress management 
• Align chakras
• Chakra: Root
• Star Sign: Aquarius, Aries
• Numerical Vibration: Number 9

Clear Quartz
• The stone that can do it all! 
• It transmutes negative energy and bath you and it’s surroundings with positive energy. 
• It detoxify (physically and emotionally), clearing energy blockages and bringing back balance. 
• Related to the Crown Chakra (Spirituality & Divine Knowledge)
• Clarity 
• Purification 
• Restoration 
• Specially useful for reducing stubbornness in people born under the ZODIAC CAPRICORN AND are special power boosters for people born under the ZODIAC LEO.

The Ion Ring

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