Learn the in's and out's of Silversmith

what to expect,

This fast paced workshop is for those interested in learning the fundamentals of silversmithing. 

Learn about key jewelry design concepts and the techniques for working in metal including saw piercing, filing, drilling, annealing, soldering, hammer/stamp texturing, bezel setting and polishing/finishing techniques.


You will walk away from this course with a hand forged, textured silver ring.

All materials are included in the course fee. 


  • Safety in the workshop 

  • Using a jewelers saw & file

  • Shaping metal using hammers, pliers and hands

  • Texturing metal using hammers, stamps & punches

  • Introduction to soldering

  • Soldering and appropriate solder choice

  • Polishing and finishing techniques


  • Visual journal and pencil / any design ideas you may have  

  • A positive attitude 

  • Any broken silver jewelry you may want to incorporate into your piece (time allowing) 

  • Please wear closed in shoes, long pants and have long hair tied back 


  • This class runs for around 3.5 hours (Time of the class to be confirmed)

  • Tea, coffee, biscuits and snacks are provided

  • Sterling silver are included in the workshop fee 

  • Apron Provided


Gigi Mckercher

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Benedetta Alderighi

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